Sunday, 24 December 2006

A Happy Christmas Message: The World is Getting Better

The world continues to be a better and better place for human beings. It may happen in fits and starts, and it may not occur at the same time all over the world. However, the long-term trends are obvious: The human population is increasing and at the same time we are living longer, getter richer and being better educated. The world economic growth is now at its highest (about 4%) since the heady 1950’is and the decade we are in now: The Amazing Zeroes, will probably break all human records on enriching people and getting people out of poverty.

Yes, I know, what about nature & environment? Sure there are a lot of stressful impacts to the environment, most of those are well known though and being solved in due time in the rich developed World. And the NIC’s and the developing world will do the same as soon as basic human needs (food, health, education) are covered. Even the CO2 problem has numerous technological solutions in the pipeline, which can be implemented at an appropriate time, without destroying valuable infrastructure and downgrading other and more important needs.

I fully understand the worries and concerns of the Neo-Malthusian crowd. However, I assert that this crowd is unmistakably wrong. And its misguided thoughts about “stopping the world I want to get off” are harmful to the endeavor of making the world a better place for everyone.

Let me finish with an endorsement quote:

By contrast (to the doomsday prophets) the prophets of abundance, who insist that no crisis is looming, get little media coverage. They are irrepressibly, sometimes irritatingly, optimistic. So far, they have also almost always been right.
The Economist, Dirt Poor, March 21st 1998.

Merry Christmas

Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen

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